Date Call ModeRST (S)RST (R)BandCountry Station
04/07/22 PE1PUX AM5959160mNetherlands MM3PHP
29/06/22 MØABC FM595910mEngland MM3PHP
27/06/22 DO5TES FM59592mFederal Republic Of Germany MM3PHP
22/06/22 TESØST SSB591A ct591a40mCosta Rica MM3PHP
22/06/22 TEØST SSB595940mCosta Rica MM3PHP
18/06/22 NØCALL SSB59159160mUnited States Of America MM3PHP
18/06/22 IWØAGX SSB591596mItaly MM3PHP
18/06/22 N3RC SSB59596mUnited States Of America MM3PHP
17/06/22 VU3HZW FM5959160mIndia MM3PHP
16/06/22 VE3GAM SSB555520mCanada MM3PHP
07/06/22 DD4FK SSB595930mFederal Republic Of Germany MM3PHP
06/06/22 OK1SIM SSB5915940mCzech Republic MM3PHP
06/06/22 OK1DOL SSB595595240mCzech Republic MM3PHP
06/06/22 OK1LYL SSB594595840mCzech Republic MM3PHP
06/06/22 OK1MDX SSB593597840mCzech Republic MM3PHP
06/06/22 OK1ELE SSB5925940mCzech Republic MM3PHP
06/06/22 OK1SIM SSB5915940mCzech Republic MM3PHP
06/06/22 OK1ELE SSB595940mCzech Republic MM3PHP
06/06/22 OK1SIM SSB595940mCzech Republic MM3PHP
06/06/22 MØMCX SSB5925942540mEngland MM3PHP
06/06/22 VA4GDJ SSB59159140mCanada MM3PHP
05/06/22 SP2FKE CW599599160mPoland kg6ph
05/06/22 SQ9MCP CW599599160mPoland kg6ph
30/05/22 DL1ABC FT8-5-5160mFederal Republic Of Germany kg6ph
30/05/22 YC1HVZ FM5959IO-86Indonesia MM3PHP